Keeping Licenses in the Loop


Met owner through networking in Century City, California

Was recruited away from Topa Thrift and Loan and Topa Savings Bank (VP two companies)

A start-up company with an invention they intended on bringing to market for the beverage industry.  National and International licenses already sold or in the process. Regulatory approval needed.

Served as liaison with beverage companies Board and Marketing Directors (Coca-Cola, Hansen’s Natural, Anhuaser Busch, Heineken, Stella Artois, Whitbread and others).

Responsible for developing and maintaining relationships and communication during the process, involving correspondence, telephone progress reports, and attending Board meetings and special events  in the US, England and Wales.

Fulfilled my obligation, kept licensees and potential licensees in the loop and satisfied that there was a strong possibility it would make it to market.

Left to start my own business.