Freedom from the Burden of Details

Client heard about me from a newspaper ad that was placed in the Rancho Santa Fe Review.

Busy handling investments, charitable obligations and serving on Boards relating to higher education as well as the Arts, personal bill paying was burdensome.  A few years later he needed help fixing up his home.

After several conversations developing a comfort level, bill paying was turned over to me.

Being bonded, a joint bank account was set up and bills were monitored and paid by me, by check. For more efficiency, online bill paying was explained and implemented.

Deciding to fix up his house, details were turned over to me; bids obtained and job supervised to completion; French panel wall repair and paint, roof leak repair, tennis court refurbishing, new rain gutters, flooring, and outside paint for house and shutters.

Picking out paint for the house; drove into other neighborhoods, found homes of similar architecture and facing the same direction, talked to painters and a builder. Found some that would work and drove client to see options for his house.

Jobs were completed to his satisfaction and he is happy with the freedom he has from the burden of bill paying.