New Freindship from a Client Referral

Busy Owner/Builder referred to me by my existing client.

Having many home building projects going at the same time, he didn’t have time to take care of things. Overwhelmed, then he heard about me and felt he could trust me to work in his home and take care of things.

Project paperwork needed to be organized and filed.  Office work needed attention. Bills needed to be paid, allocated to the proper project, and filed for future reference. Homeowners of homes he built and sold needed attention for follow up work. Personal bills needed to be paid. Family trust needed to be set up. Improvements at personal home were needed.

Cleaned out old business and personal documents, organized and archived bills and documents by property, set up a bill paying schedule (business and personal), scheduled follow up work for homeowners, set up online bill paying for personal bills, managed repairs at the residence, located documents needed for a trust, obtained trust attorney referrals and set up interviews. Managed housekeeper and gardener.  

We had a great working relationship and friendship for many years.