From Frustration to Flexability

Client found me from a newspaper ad that I had placed in the Rancho Santa Fe Review.

Traveling between France and San Diego, he was overwhelmed with personal bills and other daily details that weren’t getting done.

After several conversations and discussions about my banking background and upbringing, a foundation of trust was developed and he retained me.

Tasks were varied from bill paying, managing household staff, sitting in meetings on his behalf, lunch with the Mayor of Beverly Hills, attending a car auction to purchase a Gull Wing Mercedes, in his absence, locating and purchasing historic tractors around the US and shipping them to France, selecting the perfect house for him to buy, to taking 10 black lab puppies to the vet and driving him where he wanted to go. 

Flexibility, creativity, availability, and relationship building skills were critical to making it work.  Expectations of the job were exceeded and a good relationship still exists.  He has lived in France for many years