Keeping Licenses in the Loop


Met owner through networking in Century City, California

Was recruited away from Topa Thrift and Loan and Topa Savings Bank (VP two companies)

A start-up company with an invention they intended on bringing to market for the beverage industry.  National and International licenses already sold or in the process. Regulatory approval needed.

Served as liaison with beverage companies Board and Marketing Directors (Coca-Cola, Hansen’s Natural, Anhuaser Busch, Heineken, Stella Artois, Whitbread and others).

Responsible for developing and maintaining relationships and communication during the process, involving correspondence, telephone progress reports, and attending Board meetings and special events  in the US, England and Wales.

Fulfilled my obligation, kept licensees and potential licensees in the loop and satisfied that there was a strong possibility it would make it to market.

Left to start my own business.

Ready Upon Arrival

Successful business owner and wife were moving to Rancho Santa Fe , California.

Wanting to move to California and have everything ready when they arrived, they needed help.   My client, who has multiple homes , knew I could help and referred them to me.

New window treatments, painting of several rooms, floor resurfacing, hooking up the audio-visual components and shipping a car all had to be attended to during the next month.

I obtained bids and contracted for the jobs; window treatments, painting, floor resurfacing, audio-visual set up, and automobile shipping. Potential house staff was interviewed, leaving the owner with two to choose from. People were hired to unpack and put away items when the moving van arrived.

Client was happy with what had been accomplished when they arrived.

New Freindship from a Client Referral

Busy Owner/Builder referred to me by my existing client.

Having many home building projects going at the same time, he didn’t have time to take care of things. Overwhelmed, then he heard about me and felt he could trust me to work in his home and take care of things.

Project paperwork needed to be organized and filed.  Office work needed attention. Bills needed to be paid, allocated to the proper project, and filed for future reference. Homeowners of homes he built and sold needed attention for follow up work. Personal bills needed to be paid. Family trust needed to be set up. Improvements at personal home were needed.

Cleaned out old business and personal documents, organized and archived bills and documents by property, set up a bill paying schedule (business and personal), scheduled follow up work for homeowners, set up online bill paying for personal bills, managed repairs at the residence, located documents needed for a trust, obtained trust attorney referrals and set up interviews. Managed housekeeper and gardener.  

We had a great working relationship and friendship for many years. 

Freedom from the Burden of Details

Client heard about me from a newspaper ad that was placed in the Rancho Santa Fe Review.

Busy handling investments, charitable obligations and serving on Boards relating to higher education as well as the Arts, personal bill paying was burdensome.  A few years later he needed help fixing up his home.

After several conversations developing a comfort level, bill paying was turned over to me.

Being bonded, a joint bank account was set up and bills were monitored and paid by me, by check. For more efficiency, online bill paying was explained and implemented.

Deciding to fix up his house, details were turned over to me; bids obtained and job supervised to completion; French panel wall repair and paint, roof leak repair, tennis court refurbishing, new rain gutters, flooring, and outside paint for house and shutters.

Picking out paint for the house; drove into other neighborhoods, found homes of similar architecture and facing the same direction, talked to painters and a builder. Found some that would work and drove client to see options for his house.

Jobs were completed to his satisfaction and he is happy with the freedom he has from the burden of bill paying.


From Frustration to Flexability

Client found me from a newspaper ad that I had placed in the Rancho Santa Fe Review.

Traveling between France and San Diego, he was overwhelmed with personal bills and other daily details that weren’t getting done.

After several conversations and discussions about my banking background and upbringing, a foundation of trust was developed and he retained me.

Tasks were varied from bill paying, managing household staff, sitting in meetings on his behalf, lunch with the Mayor of Beverly Hills, attending a car auction to purchase a Gull Wing Mercedes, in his absence, locating and purchasing historic tractors around the US and shipping them to France, selecting the perfect house for him to buy, to taking 10 black lab puppies to the vet and driving him where he wanted to go. 

Flexibility, creativity, availability, and relationship building skills were critical to making it work.  Expectations of the job were exceeded and a good relationship still exists.  He has lived in France for many years