Are you often overwhelmed by dealing with day to day finance and other annoying but important details that prevent you from enjoying a more fulfilled lifestyle?

Even worse, are they affecting your most important relationships because you find insufficient time to nurture them?

Keeping these key details in their place is what I do best. You will find as we work together a new comfort in knowing your details are managed by someone bonded, personable and very professional.


Personal Finance

Retrieving mail, bill paying, organizing, QuickBooks, personal communication and other key details will no longer be time consuming. Your moments instead will be spent on leisure and life.


Business Bookkeeping

Many years of experience with customers, teams, and professionals allows me to introduce a new comfort level and confidence to your business knowing all key business details are well managed.


property maintenance

Through an open line of communication with the owner, I assess the property needs, perform weekly management, entertain bids, assist with vendors and accounting, including pre-arrival and post-departure services.

Peace Of Mind


Between hectic breakfasts, activities, weekend commitments and work, finding time to keep track of financial key details might seem impossible. Experience has taught me the key to managing finances isn't more time or even more money. It's using time and money efficiently that puts you in control. Allow me to support your lifestyle with organization of mail, paying bills, QuickBooks data entry, and document clean out. 


Personal Attention To Your Property


Ownership of a single or multiple properties becomes easier when you have everything ready as it is needed. My clients who have multiple homes know the value I provide and happily refer others to me.

I manage the property as if it were my home. I arrange for everything from cleaning, gardening, painting of several rooms, floor resurfacing to hooking up audio-visual components. Even something like shipping a car has been handled. I obtain bids and contract for jobs with owner approval. House staff can be interviewed and monitored.  Being local in San Diego and accountable for all that happens will provide the owner with peace of mind.


A New Set Of Eyes On Lifestyle Burdens


On your behalf I can communicate with attorneys, realtors, CPA's and other professionals, monitor calendar and appointments, supply trusted referrals to vendors and professionals, screen household staff and monitor performance. I am always available to troubleshoot other challenges as needed.

For those who do not have a family locally, I find trusted resources that help with what you need, handle relocation details, provide a voice to improve your comfort and living situation, and help with appointment monitoring.